Sunday, December 27, 2009

Off Topic? - Craigslist

I just saw this (no pun intended) on Craigslist:

Dec 27 - DeWalt Radial Arm Saw - $200 - (redwood city)

DeWalt Model 235 Radial Arm Saw w SN 61111183. Buyer must pick up and haul. Must sell this year. $200 or Best Offer. Call Xxxx at 408-XXX-XXXX.

No picture, of course. The thing is only the 925 came with a frame 235 motor so what we are looking at is an ad for a Model 925. "Must sell this year. $200 or Best Offer." sounds a lot like $25 bucks to me on Thursday the 30th, what do you think?

Who knows what condition it is in? Not the seller, apparently. Is it the Deluxe Edition or just a regular old 925? Hard to say... odds are it is a regular 925 in poor condition but you know I'm going to have to find out one way or another.

I'll take a camera with me if I do and report back here.

I have to shake my head. If the ad said "1959 DeWalt Model 925" and had a decent image he probably would have already gotten about 4 phone calls from my local DeWalt RAS collecting competition.

Update - I called the guy and will see the saw tomorrow (12/30/09). Turns out he bought it as part of a package deal from a guy who bought it as part of a package deal from an estate sale. I doubt he has ever turned it on.

Update #2 - OK, I'm a jerk. It turns out it was a 925DLX in excellent condition that came with the ultra cool 1961 accessory box containing, among other things, a shaper guard in brand new condition. Yes, I totally bought it.

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  1. I just purchased a 925DLX, the only thing missing is the kickback clamp. Any help on where to look for parts?