Monday, December 28, 2009

Bearing shaft removal from Rollerhead/Carriage

I've been informed that more pictures would be nice. OK, here you go!

You need a 1/8" Allen Wrench and a 1/2" Socket (deep version) with ratchet.

Two of the shafts are concentric and are held in place by set screws. Use the Allen wrench to move those two set screws.

I will replace them with brass versions - part number 92991A533 at McMaster.

Now remove the 4 x 1/2" nuts and lock washers from each shaft.

Take a bolt or whatever else you like to use as a large punch and then tap the shafts out of the Rollerhead.

Now to remove the bearings from each shaft.

Unscrew the keeper nut a bit so that you have something other than the shaft to tap against.

Take the 1/2" socket and fit it onto the head of the shaft.

Turn it over and place the socket on a solid surface.

Now tap on the shaft and push it out of the bearing and into the socket.

It shouldn't take much at all.

Free as a bird.

Everything ready to be cleaned up.

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