Friday, February 12, 2010

Time for a 925 hiatus

Big surprise, I know...

With the motor toasted this project is now officially on hold. I will be moving my blogging efforts over to ( The 925 will stay on the shelf, literally and figuratively, until I find a frame 236 for it.

This could be 3 days or 9 months, it's impossible to say.

I spent a few minutes this morning pulling the motor completely apart to shelve all the parts (rotor, end bells, fan, bearing retainer, screws, tie rods, capacitor, open frame relay, and Klixon). I will see if I can get a few bucks for all the copper in the windings before taking the carcass to the recycle center.

I will be cleaning up the past posts on this blog and adding more pictures as time allows for the sake of history.


  1. I am looking at the same saw and same 235 frame. This saw has little rust on the base cabinet and is clean elsewhere. Should I worry about this 235 motor?


  2. I would not worry. It's a great motor. Mine had been outside with no cover for a bit too long, I think.
    I have a 925DLX as well and I fired it up and it was still perpendicular to the table and square to the fence after probably 20 years. Awesome.