Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Got a line on a 7770

Muhahahahaha haaaaaa!

The guy wants $225 for a well cared for 7770 (yuck!). But the motor looks sweet enough for my 925/Frankensaw needs!

Let's wait and see if the price comes down far enough for me to snag it... where I live no one will pay that for the saw in any condition.


  1. Some 7770s have the deep column base that extends down into the frame. I bought a 7770 for $65.00. I'll be using the frame 236 motor with a 925 yoke on my MBF. The blade guard and column base will be saved for a future frankensaw.


  2. I'm curious why you would prefer an MBF over the 925 given a choice? My 925 seems to have a better base and far less deflection.

  3. Mainly because I currently don't have a 925 and I am broke (unemployed). So until my situation changes, I will make do with what I have on hand. In the future I will probably build an ultimate dewalt with a 925 base and the little MBF will get it's original motor re-installed.