Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just a bit more motor

I picked up a 925DLX and after running it concluded that the centrifugal brake on my 925 is not functioning. I'm going to pull apart the motor and remove it for my next post. I'll post a lot of pictures.

Here you can see it is stuck open (I think):

I've been working on a design for an electric brake anyway and this saw will be the test bed for my prototype.

Just to be clear, it will not be "my design" but rather a hybrid of ideas that have been freely offered to me from sources such as J Scott McCauley and others, from the various forums and other individuals that might have ways of solving this problem with modern, easy to obtain parts. These folks have forgotten way more than I will ever know about basic EE concepts.

Any design that I actually get working will be freely available to anyone, with sources sited, who has an internet connection and can read. I will include the part numbers and where you can actually buy the parts online (unique nowadays, I know) although this is becoming a daunting task as I work (full time) for a living and building saws is secondary to me earning a living and paying the bills.

As a side note, if you follow this blog please feel free to sign up for a free google gmail account and add as much as you want to the blog. I welcome flames, good info, whatever. It's all good.

There is no money in vintage RAS restoration. Period.

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